Mercedes – Maybach GLS


Beyond first class is a class of one.Innovation exists purely to serve your comfort, safety and convenience via multiple senses. A virtual voice assistant listens to serve you. Lighting and fragrance subtly soothe you.  


How it comes together is why it stands apart.

Glimmering grille blades and a standup Star tempt the eye. Exquisite materials greet your senses. Innovative luxuries meet them. Comfort is its mission, the product of confidence with a commanding view. 


Immense biturbo power is precisely metered to each wheel. Fully active suspension eyes the road, acts in the moment. Torque and tenacity seamlessly collaborate to deliver calm composure.

Refined, responsive, and rewarding.

A range of driving modes reflects the breadth of talents within. On any road, or even off, E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL acts to optimize driving feel, yet minimize the motions felt by passengers. 

Services in all Europe

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Price: From € On Request

Baby Seat: Yes

Additional Driver: Yes

Extra infant seats: Yes

Navigation GPS: Yes

Personal Accident Insurance: Yes

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