More about the AW109 Power

The AW109SP GrandNew is the latest derivative of the time-tested A109 series of helicopters, which were originally designed as a rescue mission aircraft in the 1970s. The original A109 utilized twin Allison 250-C20 turbines, but has since been modernized and updated for many different types of missions. Before the AW109 GrandNew was certified in 2011, the AW109E Power was the most modern A109 derivative. First flying in 1995 and subsequently certified in 1996, the AW109E Power still remains in service today, despite no longer being the most modern in the family. The GrandNew takes its name from its hugely successful predecessor, the Grand, which was known for its excellent performance, interior space, reliability, and economy. The GrandNew features pivotal technological advances while staying true to the efficient design and performance of the Grand. As a result, the GrandNew successfully integrates modern innovation with its predecessor’s time-tested strengths, without losing sight of what made it great in the first place.

Key Features of the AW109 Power

The AW109 GrandNew was the very first helicopter to earn European Aviation Safety Agency certification for precision approaches using SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation System) and LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance). This provides operators with the additional flexibility of being less dependent on ILS (Instrument Landing Systems) in poor weather conditions, which would normally be required. Overall, both the AW109E Power and the AW109 GrandNew have been quite successful, earning hundreds of orders from dozens of countries across the globe. Standard missions for the AW109 GrandNew include VIP transport, emergency medical services, maritime operations, SAR, and corporate transport. State-of-the-art Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) systems are available to both the AW109E Power and AW109SP GrandNew, which significantly reduces operating costs and prevents excessive wear on the engine. In short, any mission that the Grand could competently accomplish, the GrandNew can do even better.

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Aircraft layout

Price: On Request

Passengers: 7
Cruise speed: 285 KM/H / 177 MPH

Cabin length: 13,04 m
Cabin width:
Cabin height: 3,40 m
Luggage space: 0.95 M / 3'1"

Enclosed lavatory: Yes
Entertainment centre: No
Flight attendant: Yes

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