The Beechcraft King Air 350 is a larger version of the 200. It has a further stretched fuselage enabling a cabin for up to 8 passengers in 2 club configuration. Winglets were added to the wingtips to increase range and performance.

Let’s start with some numbers
The Beechcraft King Air 350 was introduced in 1990. It was derived from the model 300 the successor to the 200 series. The builder, Hawker Beechcraft has already sold more than 3500 aircraft in the 200 and 300 series! The cost of the latest version, the King Air 350i is only 7.5 million dollars.

The length of the plane is 46.6 feet, its width is 57.9 feet and its height is 14.3 feet. The cabin (starting from the cockpit) is 19.5 feet long and 4.5 feet wide. You will have to bow your head walking around the cabin as the headroom in only 4.6 feet.


Travelling in a King Air 350

The cabin of the King air 350 can seat up to 9 passengers. It has many different personalisation options so if you plan on buying your own; expect to spend some time with a designer to choose the best arrangement. Beechcraft has patented its own Flexcabin™ design which allows faster reconfiguration of the seats when you want to either seat more passengers or make more room. Seat warmers are also available as an option.

The new entertainment system allows you to plug your laptop, smart phone or other media seamlessly and the vanishing worktables also allow you to choose between work, entertainment or leg room at will. The LED lighting provides you with smooth light but if you would like to, it is also possible to darken the windows to darken the cabin and relax in a more comfortable setting. The King Air 350 really is the “smartest business aircraft value”.

Aircraft layout

Price: On Request

Passengers: 9
Cruise speed: 568 KM/H / 352 MPH

Cabin length: 5 M / 16'4"
Cabin width: 1.37 M / 4'5"
Cabin height: 1.45 M / 4'9"
Luggage space: 1.56 M / 5'1"

Enclosed lavatory: Yes
Entertainment centre: No
Flight attendant: Yes

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