Presenting the remarkable Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft, a seamless fusion of performance, range, and cost-effectiveness that redefines the parameters of air travel. Derived from the esteemed Bombardier Global Express, the Global 5000 is a testament to engineering excellence, boasting impressive speed and reliability for efficient and economical journeys.

Despite a reduction in cabin length, the Global 5000 retains its prowess in facilitating extensive voyages, seamlessly connecting destinations such as Ibiza to Chicago and London to Mumbai. The cabin, known for its serene atmosphere, offers one of the tallest cross-sections in the heavy jet category, accommodating up to 17 passengers. Select configurations even feature a private aft stateroom, ensuring a space for ultimate rest or productivity, tailored to the discerning needs of its passengers.

Experience uninterrupted travel even in inclement weather with the Bombardier Global 5000, equipped to handle wet and short runways with unparalleled finesse. Its powerful engines, oversized carbon brakes, and advanced wing design guarantee that rain delays will no longer impede your journey to your desired destination.

Embraced across the global aviation landscape, the Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft is synonymous with exceptional range, superior performance, and unparalleled cabin comfort. It stands as a testament to delivering the best value among long-range business jets, characterized by the lowest direct operating costs and the longest maintenance intervals in its class. When time is of the essence, the Global 5000 is the discerning choice for individuals and businesses alike.

In our unwavering commitment to ensuring the utmost safety and tranquility for our esteemed clients, Max Ibiza is proud to introduce the addition of the Private Personal Security and Surveillance service to our clients’ vacation experiences. Understanding the paramount importance of personal safety, particularly in the face of challenges encountered during travel through unfamiliar territories, we aim to provide comprehensive security measures, allowing our clients to enjoy their trips with confidence and peace of mind.

Aircraft layout

Price: On Request

Passengers: 14
Cruise speed: 907 KM/H / 563 MPH

Cabin length: 12.49 M / 40'11"
Cabin width: 2.49 M / 8'2"
Cabin height: 1.91 M / 6'3"
Luggage space: 5.24 M / 17'2"

Enclosed lavatory: Yes
Entertainment centre: Yes
Flight attendant: Yes

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